5 Ways Local Tampa Plumbing Businesses Can Use Video

Researchers discovered that one hour of video gaming can improve a person's attention. This means that marketing videos target areas of the brain that motivate viewers to keep watching.

The internet is a seemingly endless vault of entertainment and information, and internet users want to focus their attention efficiently. Video marketing offers a way to do just that. It's a far more engaging way to inform consumers about your brand and services.

To see 5 ways local Tampa plumbing businesses can use video to promote engagement with consumers, check out the list below.

5 Ways Local Tampa Plumbing Businesses Can Use Video

Considering that Americans spend 42% of their waking hours staring at screens, gone are the days of traditional marketing — digital marketing is king. The best medium for digital marketing right now is video.

1. Plumbing Brand Videos

Before consumers convert, they need to have a sense of trust in your brand. This can be developed through plumbing brand videos.

A brand video should be narrative-driven. It tells the story of your company's vision. Through a narrative, explain the consumer need your company fills.

You can break these videos into a few different parts to increase your content cache. For example, you may have one video about the history of your company, and another about your company's mission and services.

2. Plumbing Culture Videos

A culture video incorporates the day-to-day life at your company. It can even include staff introductions or interviews. What are the shared values and goals among employees?

Regardless of your approach, provide a visually-rich story with subtitles for viewers who consume content with the sound off.

3. Plumbing Documentary Videos

A documentary video is an engaging way to invite the viewer to see what a plumber actually does. It's not hard to create a story that connects with viewers here — everyone has had a plumbing problem at some point in their life.

You may also consider interviewing the client after the job is done to include a customer testimonial in the documentary.

4. Plumbing Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos give viewers a little insight into your expertise, building their trust in your brand. Simple how-tos are best here, explaining something like fixing a leaky faucet or stopping a running toilet. Save the complicated jobs for your services.

Don't forget to include a call to action so consumers know where to go to get this great service. In your link, make sure you have a ranked Google Maps listing.

5. Plumbing Product Videos

Plumbing product reviews involve sharing your professional opinion on brands of water heaters, types of toilets, or even drain cleaners. Again, if you sound like you know what you are talking about, you build trust with consumers.

Implementing Video Marketing for Plumbing Businesses

These 5 ways local Tampa plumbing businesses can use video are just some of the creative video marketing tips that connect with consumers. No matter what type of video content you produce, make sure to post on a schedule to regularly engage with your audience. These posts don't need to be entirely video, but can also incorporate images and other media.

For professional guidance in crafting your brand's story and promoting conversion, contact our marketing experts today.

4 Keys to a Great Website Design

4 Keys To A Great Web Design

15 seconds. That's how long you have to make an impression on somebody with your website design before the average person navigates away.

If you are trying to generate leads and sales through your website, you have to make an amazing first impression through a great website design.

But what makes it great?

In this website design guide, we give you all the tips you need to have a website design that converts. So what are you waiting for? Read on so you can make your website even better right away!

1. Make It Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most people Google information from their mobile devices rather than from a computer. In fact, 68% of Google searches in 2020 came from phones or other mobile devices.

Since that's the case, you need to have a website design that is optimized for both mobile and desktop. When looking for themes or designs, the details usually state if it is mobile friendly. If you are designing yourself, you will need to make sure you have it in the code to change the form on mobile.

If you don't have a mobile-friendly site, you may find people navigating away from your page quickly since the layout will be wacky and hard to read. This is a sure-fire way to lose customers.

2. Keep It Simple

It can be pretty easy to go overboard on your website as a website designer, but less is more in this case.

To do this, consider ditching the sidebar to keep visitors' attention solely on the main page. This way, there is nothing distracting them from the actual marketing you want them to see on your site.

You should also plan to stick with a popular, standard layout. Trying to get too fancy can confuse the eyes of your visitor. If they get overwhelmed, they may press the "x" and navigate away from your page.

3. Prioritize Scrolling

It can be frustrating to be on a website where you have to click on multiple tabs to get to the page you want. If you realize you need to go back, you have to wait until the page reloads.

Prioritizing scrolling can reduce that frustration and the likelihood that you get lost in the website. To see if this works for your audience, try out both for a few weeks and check your conversion rates.

4. Focus on SEO

Although search engine optimization is not directly part of a website design, it is needed on the backend to have your site continually show up on Google. It is basically what drives traffic to your site over and over.

Using keywords and linking back internally and to other external sites will help you rank higher on Google. Image size and quality are also important in SEO.

Use These Tips for a Great Website Design

Creating a website that converts is not for those who give up easily. It can be time-consuming and stressful to make sure it will generate leads and sales.

By following these website design tips, you should see a drastic improvement in the performance of your website, especially with a great website design.

Do you need help with your strategy to improve your website overall? Don't hesitate to contact us today!

Why Tampa HVAC Businesses Should Optimize Marketing for Mobile

Why Tampa HVAC Businesses Should Optimize Marketing for Mobile

97% of Americans now own some kind of mobile phone, and many will use it to surf the web and find businesses they need. This means mobile marketing is essential for just about any modern company.

But why should HVAC businesses optimize marketing for mobile? Before you spend money on another advertising technique, you'll want to be sure it will be effective and attract a significant amount of new customers.

You'll be pleased to learn there are several excellent reasons to invest in mobile-optimized marketing.

Let's dive in and find out more.

Improved SEO Performance

No mobile marketing guide would be complete without discussing the importance of SEO. Mobile optimization can help you appear higher up in the search engine ranking pages when people search for HVAC companies using their cellphones.

By giving the search engine algorithms more reason to value your mobile pages, you can increase the chances of consumers clicking on your links.

Increased Reach

Mobile marketing can help your HVAC Business reach a larger audience and boost your brand awareness. This is because many people now use their cell phones to search for information rather than searching on larger devices.

By using mobile-optimized ads, you can quickly reach these consumers. This method can also help you reach a younger audience who may not use a computer or laptop to shop online.

Enhanced User Experience

When customers land on your pages, you need to give them an excellent user experience. But, if your site is not mobile optimized, the images and text may not display correctly.

This can lead to the customer becoming frustrated and leaving your site. It is also unlikely they will take the time to revisit your pages when they are using a different device.

By ensuring your information looks fantastic on mobile phone screens, you can encourage consumers to stay on your pages for longer.

HVAC Businesses Can Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates

Your HVAC marketing efforts need to drive revenue, and mobile marketing can skyrocket your results. People are often busy and want an instant solution to their problems. If they are out and about, they can look up your business on your mobile-optimized pages, and get in touch straight away.

This can be much more convenient than looking at your website on a laptop and then having to find their phone to call you. This can increase your conversion rates, making mobile marketing highly cost-effective.

Contact Optic Marketing Group Today

In the modern commercial world, HVAC Businesses need to take advantage of mobile-optimized marketing methods. At Optic Marketing Group, our experts can design a mobile advertising plan that can get your brand name in front of your target audience at a cost-effective price.

We'll help you find more local leads, get ahead of your rivals, and generate extra revenue.

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Branding Strategies for HVAC Contractors

Branding Strategies for HVAC Contractor

Branding Strategies for HVAC Contractors

Would you like to know about several branding strategies for HVAC contractors? Read on to learn what you need to know on the subject.

Keyword(s): Branding Strategies

Everyone will need to hire an HVAC contractor at some point in their life, especially if they own a house or building. HVAC systems not only keep an interior at a consistent temperature, but they help stop mold from developing. So why exactly do you need to know branding strategies as a contractor?

Without a branding strategy, you may find yourself falling behind your competitors. It'll take some investment, but it's essential if you want to earn new customers.

Here's a branding guide to get you started.

What Is Branding?

Branding refers to the promotion of a company or product through advertising or design choices. It can take the form of commercials, new logos, and how you interact with your customers.

This brand helps your business stand out from the crowd. As such, you want it to be distinctive and represent what you stand for.

Branding Strategies

Building a brand for any company takes time. Many HVAC contractors overlook branding because they believe the quality of their work should take priority. And they're not exactly wrong.

However, a brand sends a message to the public and helps you stick around in their minds.

Develop a Logo and Slogan

One of the first branding tips you'll get is to develop a unique logo and slogan. Both draw attention to your brand in different ways.

Consider some of the most recognizable logos and brands around. Apple's logo is a simple apple shape, but people know exactly what company it represents. Nike's slogan, "Just do it", is also easily recognized by its customers.

Stay Consistent

Stay consistent with your business's message. If you market yourself as an HVAC contractor for the everyman, then you should avoid pushing a customer to look at more expensive options. Likewise, don't claim to be the fastest option for HVAC repairs if you're not.

Targeted Marketing

It's impossible for your business to reach everyone, especially if you operate locally. Instead, figure out who your best customers are and go after them. Chances are good that you'll generate more business from homeowners, which will also help you generate new customers.

Social Media Presence

The best branding advice you can get is to use social media. Whether you're trying to stay connected with your current customers or to generate new ones, social media is where you should put your efforts.

You can share your special offers, give tips on saving energy, and show photos and videos of your work. Most social media networks also offer easy advertising and managed ads.

Talk to a Branding Expert Today

Trying to negotiate the world of branding strategies as a Tampa HVAC contractor can prove tricky, as it's difficult to distinguish your business from all of your competitors. However, it's also necessary if you want to create a lasting impression on old and new customers.

Optic Marketing Group is here to help shape your visual identity. We listen to your goals and vision to help develop marketing strategies that'll work. Contact us to learn more and tell us about your business.