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What Is Local SEO and Why Local Search Matters for Tampa HVAC Companies

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is SEO that specifically targets a specific area. For large national or international businesses, local SEO generally isn't a priority. If you run a small local business, however, you need local SEO in order to grow.

A good local SEO service will help your business move up the search engine rankings for local queries. For example, a bakery that has a website with good local SEO would pop up as soon as someone nearby searched "bakeries near me."

Why Do Businesses Need Local SEO?

So what makes local SEO so important? If you already have a strong social media presence, a good number of clients who refer you to friends and family members, and decent "normal" SEO, what's the difference?

Here are a few things that investing in local SEO worthwhile even if you think you have the perfect digital marketing strategy already.

You'll Appear More Trustworthy

When people input search queries into a search engine, they're looking for the best possible business for their needs. Having good local SEO will make you look like that business.

If you show up on the first page of search engine results and you aren't relying on the "ad" section at the top, potential customers will know that you've built up your online reputation. There's nothing wrong with paying for an ad, but customers are less likely to trust it.

By using local SEO in your content marketing, you'll also be able to show potential customers that you're an authority within your niche. For example, if you're trying to attract people to your plumbing business, you'll be able to answer the client's plumbing-related questions right in your blog.

You'll Attract the Right Clients and Customers

If you're running a small local business, finding customers outside of your local area isn't going to be helpful. If you're in Wisconsin, you don't need people in Florida seeing your content.

Many people search for services from their phones (which default to businesses near them). If you want to appear in those search results, it's essential that you build up your local SEO.

The "Google My Business" Page Is More Important Than Ever

Having good local SEO also means optimizing your Google My Business page. People use your Google My Business page to decide whether or not they want to use your services. They read reviews, look at photos, and make sure that your location is convenient for them by using the Maps feature.

If you don't have good local SEO with an optimized Google My Business page, no customers are going to find you.

Never Underestimate the Importance of SEO

So what is local SEO?

Local SEO is crucial in 2022. If you don't include it as part of your general digital marketing strategy, you're missing out on all of your local traffic. Don't rely on word-of-mouth alone; take advantage of local SEO.

Are you in need of a local SEO service to help you get your digital marketing strategy back on track? Contact Optic Marketing Group so we can start working together today.