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How To Make Social Post Convert Into Revenue

It's a growing concern that so many people live around water but cannot find water to drink, what I mean is that so many people spend a lot of time growing their followers, fans, and friends on the social media without having a clue on how to convert this vast client base into money generating customers. I don't know if it's that they spend a lot of time posting, retweeting, following, commenting, and pinning that they barely have any time left over to make money.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media a lot, but then apart from generating a lot of followers, you should know how to channel your followers into your sales funnel. Here are some ways Optic Marketing Group has tested and trusted to convert your Social Posts into Money.

Create a strategy: Strategize the posts you put on Facebook and Tweeter so that they can help you achieve your purpose of posting. Whether you are trying to attract more customers, boost brand recognition, or improving customer service. Whatever the goal, Optic Marketing Group can help you to define your content strategy so that they can portray your key messages and showcase the kind of content that will appeal to your audience, we will also generate a list of keywords that describe your business which will help you rank higher when searched.

Don’t fall for fads: Do you remember Vine? It was popular for some time and vanished after, what about Periscope, this was my favorite because to me, it had the best ROI among other social media networks buy you see, Facebook has stayed, and Snapchat is currently struggling to retain its relevance. The lesson here is that you are free to join any new trend but be smart enough to benefit from when it has benefits and withdraw once it has little to offer.

Drive your social media following back to your website: Some bloggers don’t have a website while some others have abandoned their website and concentrated on social media. Well let me tell you, you need to have an email list, most of our sales come as a direct result of emailing my list about a promotion, not because I posted something on social media. Because a particular social media can be irrelevant at any time, it is vital that you direct your social media following back to your own website where they can really devour some content and opt-in to your email list. We can help you do that.

Have several kinds of free opt-ins to share: Opt-ins are freebies that people receive as a result of subscribing to your email list. It is usually based on what you can offer your audience. So if for example, you are a makeup artist and someone asks you for tips what color will match her skin, simply send the person a link to a free tutorial on your website which they will sign up to and BOOM, the person has been added to your email list, and an automated sales funnel.

Use social media to build trust: Do live videos, answer questions, demonstrate the use of your product and attend to unsatisfied followers, if you can build up trust on social media, you will make more sales on your website.

Why Choose Optic?

Being able to turn your social media followers and friends into business revenue is just one piece of the overall puzzle. It’s also a tricky game, here at Optic Marketing Group, we have learned the tricks and mastered the rules to using Social Marketing Strategies to convert Social Posts into Money.

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The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

Social marketing solutions took everyone by surprise when the internet started; no one imagined that it would be this big and relevant in the way we communicate and use the information around the world. Soon afterward, social media merged and became a pivotal moment in the way people made use of the internet. Social media for business is a thing no one imagined at the beginning of these social media platforms. At first, it was all about hooking up and meeting new people, but now it has become the hub of digital marketing.

Social media is a widely used platform on the internet and comes in many types that serve different purposes, making it very challenging for businesses to choose which social media to market their products. Social media can come as business networks, forums, photo sharing platforms, blogs, chat apps, social gaming, and social networks. Statistica said, "The influence of social media is ever growing; out of 4.021 billion internet users worldwide, 3.196 billion of them are active social media users, and this number grows by an average of 13% every year”.

The following is a list of social media websites that present-day businesses can utilize for their business and how relevant they are to different business concerns.

Facebook: This is the most popular social media on the internet, and according to Statistica, has more than 1.5 billion daily users and 2billion active accounts. Whether you want to create awareness for your brand, advertise your brand, generate website traffic or improve lead generation, Optic Marketing Group has professionals that can utilize the tools available on Facebook to give your business and jump start. We can help you target your audience by Age, Employment, Gender, Purchasing behaviors, and Users’ interests.

Twitter: This is the king of news, this social media defines the proverb that news spreads like wildfire, according to HootSuite, of all Twitter users, 74% follow small businesses to receive product updates. With this type of clue, it will be a significant error to overlook this social media when it comes to Social media marketing Solutions. Twitter is known for providing real-time updates, utilizing hashtags perfectly well, and using the retweet feature to spread news and updates.

Instagram: This can be called a department of Facebook because it is owned by Facebooks and takes care of 1 aspect of what Facebook does, Pictures, and video clips. People tend to remember what they see easier than what they've read. Optic Marketing Group can help you to organically grow your followers on Instagram to increase your client base, and the other sweet thing about Instagram is that you can link your products to your website.

Snapchat: This platform targets and hits Millennials, almost everybody on SnapChat is below 35yrs old making it an excellent place to reach teenagers, SnapChat makes use of typically short videos that are only visible for 24 hours, a lot of videos are viewed here, and it is a strong force to reckon with.

Let's Get Started

Here at Optic Marketing Group, we understand your social media needs, and we have mastered the tools used in these social media platforms to generate huge conversions for your business. Book an appointment with us and tell us about your business. We will help you set up a strong social media presence that will cater to your social media marketing solutions.