Getting ranked on Google Maps helps make your plumbing or HVAC company stand out. Here are some helpful tips to help your company get ranked.

Did you know that more than half of all local small businesses haven’t claimed their Google My Business profile yet? If you haven’t claimed yours or optimized it for SEO, then this needs to move up your priority list today.

Getting your HVAC or plumbing business ranked on Google Maps is vital to growing your business. But don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start because you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about ranking in the popular Map Pack today.

Benefits of Getting Ranked on Google Maps

If you’ve ever found yourself on the other side of town at lunchtime then you know how much of a lifesaver using the “near me” search feature in Google Maps is. And the fact is that more than 80% of mobile users have used the near me search recently.

One of the benefits of having a powerful GMB profile is that they’re interactive. Most people will click to call or visit your website from your Google listing. This is an invaluable form of traffic that can revolutionize your business.

Another benefit of ranking on the map pack is that the majority of users have local intent when it comes to their purchasing decision. Once they find what they’re looking for, more than likely they’ll come to visit your business shortly after they find you in their search.

This will increase your conversions as the increased traffic already wants to purchase what you offer. The key to ranking is increased visibility and building credibility. We’ll talk about both in the following sections.

Increasing Company Visibility

If you want your HVAC or plumbing business to rank on Google Maps, you must have a cohesive strategy on and off your website to build visibility. Some ways you can bring awareness to your brand across the internet include:

  • Mentions on social media
  • Working with local influencers
  • Focusing on your SEO strategy
  • Targeting profitable keywords

When you incorporate these various cross-channel marketing strategies, you’ll see the level of success you’ve always wanted for your business.

Improve SEO for Google Maps

Taking the time to rank your Map Pack listing is like jumping the line to get to the first page of Goole. You can rank your business on page one by improving your search engine optimization strategy to include Google Maps.

First, you must claim your listing if you haven’t already. Creating your profile isn’t enough; when you claim your business using the code Google provides you then you can add much more detail to your profile.

The second is to completely fill out your profile. If you stopped at adding your name, address, and phone number then you have a lot more work to do. You must complete your profile including adding images and short posts which tell prospective customers more about your business.

Finally, once your profile is completed the last step is to ask current and previous clients for reviews. You can do this simply by asking everyone after they purchase to leave a review. Or, if you have an email list of current and previous customers you can send a quick email asking for help by leaving a review on your profile.

Scale Your HVAC Marketing by Ranking on Google Maps

If you’re ready to get your HVAC or plumbing business ranked on Google Maps, it’s smart to work with an expert. They can help guide you along the process and show you the best actions to improve your rankings online.

You can’t afford to not rank any longer. Reach out to us┬áso we can show you how to grow your rankings and scale your business.