Facebook boasts more than 2.41 billion active users every month. Most HVAC business owners are already aware of the incredible potential for lead generation via Facebook. Via both social media marketing and Facebook Ads, home services businesses can reach an enormous pool of potential customers.

But what impact do the latest changes to Facebook’s digital marketing have on small and medium business owners? And how can you best adapt to these changes to keep the maximum ROI for your HVAC marketing?

Keep reading for an essential update and why you’ll be best placed putting your marketing campaign in the hands of an experienced agency like our team at Optic Marketing Group.

Facebook’s Business Suite

One of the most exciting new developments to come from Facebook is the introduction of their Business Suite. This will make home services marketing much more straightforward for amateur marketers.

Thanks to the Business Suite, business owners can now view their Facebook and Instagram ads in one place. You also have the ability to post, view key insights, and receive messages all from the same dashboard. If you’re just starting out with Facebook and Instagram ads, this will likely prove a great resource and time saver.

It’s particularly useful for scheduling posts to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. This gives HVAC companies a great opportunity when announcing offers and promotions.

However, for those businesses ready to take their marketing to the next level, you’ll have to go beyond the Business Suite interface to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. 

Changes to Facebook’s Algorithm

Another key change to note is the adjustments made to Facebook’s algorithm. This refers to which Facebook ads appear for which Facebook users, the order they appear in, and more. Facebook regularly tweaks its algorithm. It’s important to stay up to date with the changes that affect businesses and their potential reach.


Now more than ever, Facebook is rewarding businesses that create engaging content. It’s crucial for home services businesses to share posts that will gain not only likes, but reactions, comments, and shares. 

This extends to replying to your audience. The new Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts that a user has previously interacted with.


The most recent posts on Facebook are heavily favored. Once your post has been out for a few hours, it’s going to drop down the newsfeed. So, it’s crucial to strike while the iron is hot, and share posts when the largest portion of your audience is online.

Go Live

One of the biggest social media trends of 2020 was the increase in users going ‘live’. While this can take some practice for businesses to master, it is prioritized by Facebook’s algorithm. If your business is holding a virtual event, go live and reap the benefits!

Don’t forget that an HVAC marketing agency can take the pressure off your business to stay up to date with the latest Facebook trends and changes.

Ad Limits per Page

One important change for businesses to be aware of is ad limits per page. This is relevant for all HVAC businesses, but particularly those with higher ad spends.

Small to medium-sized businesses (with an ad spend of 100k or less in the highest month of the last year) will be limited to 250 ads per page. Pages that spend more on Facebook Ads will be granted correspondingly more ads per page.

If you’re concerned about how this change might affect your digital marketing strategy, our marketing team can help you out. Thanks to a range of techniques we can help your business reach its full potential. This includes dynamic ads, careful audience selection, and intelligent campaign organization.

Facebook’s Take On Email Marketing

In an exciting development, Facebook is beginning to extend its social media marketing gamut. It has begun trialing an email marketing tool with a small number of businesses. The purpose of this tool is to help businesses communicate with their customers without leaving Facebook.

Theoretically, this could lead to some interesting breakthroughs in marketing automation. It’s thought that it will be possible to compose marketing emails from within Facebook. Businesses will also be able to target lookalike audiences and track the email campaign’s performance.

Considering the substantial ROI that email marketing provides, this development is well worth keeping an eye on.

Data Privacy Updates

A final Facebook change you should be aware of for your Facebook marketing relates to users’ privacy. In line with an upcoming iOS release, users will be asked to opt-in to data collection, rather than this being the default setting.

For HVAC businesses, this might reduce their ability to run retargeting campaigns following someone visiting your website. Facebook has warned that some ad campaigns will take a hit due to this measure that gives users greater data privacy.

Some business owners might be concerned about how their campaigns will be negatively impacted by these updates. A member of our team can talk you through how to adjust your campaign strategy. 

Those Are the Top Facebook Digital Marketing Updates to Know About

We’ve now covered how the latest round of Facebook updates will affect your digital marketing strategy. The best way to keep up with the continual adjustments is to entrust your campaign to an expert agency. At Optic Marketing Group, we specialize in helping HVAC companies grow their business.

We’re a full service marketing agency which means we can assist with your web design, SEO, PPC, social media, and more. For more information about how we can help your business thrive, contact us here.