Are you interested in maximizing the investment your HVAC company makes in its marketing initiatives? Do you feel that your current HVAC marketing plan has glaring holes? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to determine your HVAC marketing investment.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a marketing plan that works. The key is to focus on the ROI. What mistakes are you making that are causing a setback for your online and offline tactics?

We see these types of marketing mistakes all the time! See below for a list of the most common marketing mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Communicating Your Promotions

There are many advantages that sales promotions can offer your business when they’re done correctly. But oftentimes we find that clients get in their own way on their marketing promo endeavors.

This is a classic case in which the marketing department and sales department butt heads. While the promo you’re running might be an incredible deal, it can hurt your brand if your sales team isn’t aware of the promotion. 

For example, imagine a customer calling in saying “I’d like to redeem the promotion I received in the mail!”, and the sales rep they’re talking to has no idea what they’re referring to. 

Communicate your HVAC marketing plan to your entire staff. Make sure everyone is up-to-date on promotions, initiatives, and so forth. Otherwise, the miscommunication can make your company seem unprofessional or disorganized.

2. Too Many Marketing Initiatives At Once

Sound familiar? When a majority of our customers come to us for the first time, we discover that they are spreading themselves too thin. It’s like the adage says “if you try to be good at everything, you’ll never be good at anything”.

The secret is that you don’t have to use dozens of marketing tactics to find success. In fact, you only need to use the ones that will help you reach your target audience.

Figure out where your consumer demographic hangs out online. Once you identify that, maximize the marketing tactics that can help you reach your future customers!

3. Stay Consistent

We’ve all heard the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare. Whether you’re using online or offline marketing tactics, you’ve got to take on the persona of the tortoise. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

We find that too many HVAC companies either give up on a marketing tactic after one trial run or they drop the campaign right before they were about to witness a breakthrough.

Consistency is key. Take Search Engine Optimization as a prime example. It’s a long-term marketing tactic. It might be months before you start to generate traction, but in time, your SEO will become a passive marketing machine for your HVAC business! 

4. Pulling the Plug Too Soon

This falls perfectly in-line with the previous point. If you aren’t willing to dedicate yourself to a thought-out HVAC marketing plan, your customers will never truly understand your brand.

Think of a new song that you like. Are you able to sing along with it word for word the first time that you hear it? Of course, not! It takes time. You need to hear the song several times before you start to memorize the words and melody.

It’s the same thing with your HVAC company’s marketing plan. Your target audience needs time to understand it and “sing” it before they end up purchasing from you. Don’t pull the plug!

5. Not Financially Committing to Your Marketing Plan

Before your marketing plan commits to you, you have to commit to it. How? By investing some of the resources from your company’s budget into it! You can’t expect to spend $10 on marketing and expect it to generate $10,000,000.

At Optic Marketing Group, we recommend that you aim to spend around 7 to 10-percent of your overall revenue goal on marketing, as well as 5 to 6-percent to maintain your current marketing initiatives. 

At most, you’re spending 16-percent of your budget on marketing. We think you’ll agree that 15-percent is well-worth the potential of higher sales conversions and customer retention!

6. Not Tracking Your Results

Think of a bodybuilder lifting weights. If he doesn’t track his sets, reps, and weight amount, how will he know if he’s getting any stronger? The same can be said for your HVAC marketing plan.

How will you ever become aware that certain marketing tactics aren’t working? How can you understand the cost of each prospect on a lead-by-lead basis? You have to use data and analytics to your advantage. It will help you understand where you should allocate your funds.

We highly recommend tracking phone numbers, landing pages, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs, for short) as a start.

7. Not Hiring Professionals to Help You

You have enough on your plate as-is. Why shoulder the weight of your HVAC company’s marketing tactics when you can get a professional on your side?

At Optic Marketing Group, we’re committed to helping you understand the ins and outs of your target market. We’re a full-service company, meaning we can help your HVAC service with both its online and offline marketing strategies.

We’re in it for the long haul. We want to help your HVAC company develop a marketing plan that can help you see sizable growth, then help you retain that progress.

Avoid These Mistakes With Your HVAC Marketing Investment

Now that you have seen all of the different mistakes that most companies make with their HVAC marketing investment, be sure to avoid them for your HVAC service.

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