The HVAC industry grossed almost $26 million in revenue in 2019, with projected increases in the next few years.

How much revenue did your company generate out of that?

You shouldn’t worry if you were unhappy with your sales over the last year based on the industry. There are simple yet effective ways to increase your customers and reach new markets.

Using quarterly HVAC offers creates the opportunity for your brand to convert more clients through building reliability. Forget changing promotions every single month and get into seasonal marketing.

Read below for why quarterly offers are the number one way to maximize promotions for a higher ROI.

The Con of Running HVAC Offers Every Month

As a business owner, you have come across clients who take days or weeks to make purchasing decisions for HVAC or plumbing needs. The reason is simple: these purchases are significant investments for your clients.

You should expect the sales funnel to take more time from interest to conversion than other, everyday purchases. But you can prepare for that extended time and make the most of each day to build trust with customers. 

Trust comes in the form of credibility and reliability. Your brand needs to feel comforting and trustworthy for clients who need to spend thousands on repairing their homes.

Big purchases are about trust between customer and company, which is why monthly HVAC promotions do not have the marketing potential you seek.

You miss out on potential clients by switching promotions on HVAC offers each month. Your customer needs time to get to know your brand, make a decision, and take action.

Seeing your offers switch so rapidly leads to a lack of trust.

Have you ever had potential customers close to purchasing on one of your promos, and then the sale expired? We can guess you lost those clients as they put their emotional investment into your brand, product, and sale.

Changing HVAC offers every month doesn’t make your company attractive. It makes it an unstable source of expertise.

Importance of HVAC Promotions Per Quarter

Promotions per month create unnecessary chaos and instability for your brand’s perception. Yet, HVAC offers are a great marketing strategy when done on a proper timeline.

Promotions every quarter present the opportunity for more clients to find you and purchase your services.

Marketing HVAC promotions over three months allows the full potential of the offer to impact your business positively. The longer timeline better aligns with the longer sales process your clients go through to make their investments.

The offer becomes a marketing technique in this cycle. You capture interest through marketing the sale, build trust through website and content, and convert the client.

HVAC lead generation via promotions takes organization and team-wide preparation. Your marketing team needs digital and physical assets. Your installers need the resources to meet demand.

You gain a much higher ROI when giving the HVAC promotion the time it needs to succeed in your marketing funnel.

Quarterly Ideas for HVAC Marketing

HVAC marketing done quarterly means you align with the changes your clients experience per season. Using environmental transformations makes your marketing even more relatable.

Every client needs better heating in winter, stronger air conditioning in summer, and preparation in spring and fall.

Seasonal HVAC promotions place you in front of clients seeking to strengthen their homes for upcoming weather. Connecting a marketing strategy to the time of year shows your brand as one that looks out for customers. The trust you build in that promotion is key to sales success.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a smart way to market your seasonal/quarterly promotions. HVAC leads are currently searching for keywords relevant to your business: 

  • New air conditioning unit in [City] 
  • Prepare heating for winter
  • Redo plumbing system in [Location]

Billions of Google searches are done each day, and some of these connect directly to your business. A PPC marketing strategy using these keywords and locations puts you at the top of the search engine.

A final idea for your quarterly HVAC offers is utilizing social media to connect with the local markets. Create a strong marketing push on socials when you release a new quarter’s promotion. If you have the budget for it, we always recommend launching a marketing automation campaign around your offer so that you can target potential customers and get the leads flowing seamlessly with a funnel in place that schedules the service calls for you.

Local clients are on social media and often use that as a form of web search. An updated profile and unique shares for each campaign connect you to potential customers who may need your service. Social shares could include: 

  • Video series discussing the importance of prepping for an upcoming season
  • DIY checklists to see if clients’ HVAC systems need maintenance 
  • Team profiles to build relatability through face-to-face interactions
  • Posts sharing info on the new HVAC offers and the timeline for clients to reach out
  • Launching a marketing automation campaign

Building your presence in the local market through social media allows you to share your offers and generate leads that convert.

Building Relationships Between Campaigns

You can change your HVAC offers every quarter while still making the most of the 12 weeks. You don’t just need to market the offer over three months and leave everything else to rest.

Use a quarter to market your offer and build relationships with new or existing customers.

There are so many HVAC marketing strategies you can use to strengthen your connection and trustworthiness. Your marketing can do more than sharing your latest offer!

We encourage you to focus on two strategies for relationship building not to overwhelm your resources. Potential options include email marketing, marketing automation, reviews and referrals, and website updates.

Reach out to a few key customers to collect reviews of your services that you can build into a compelling social campaign. These should also be shown prominently on the website to add authenticity.

Build a few website edits that make your brand’s site easy to navigate. Your customer should not search through pages of info to find what they need. Place the focus on quick navigations and simple purchasing options.

Start Your Quarterly Marketing Today

A strong marketing campaign will have your HVAC or plumbing company generating hundreds of leads done at the right time. Monthly HVAC offers are confusing for clients looking to trust your business for their investment. Quarterly offers give you the time to build relationships and make sales with new or returning customers.

Promotions will reach your perfect clients through several marketing strategies. Review our services today, and let us help you get your next 1000 customers!