Running an HVAC home service business can be a demanding yet rewarding undertaking. However, for you to thrive in this venture, you need to work on your brand’s online presence. 

In this article, we reflect on the top 10 tools to help your home services business grow online. With the changing concept of brick and clicks, your home services business will need these tips to create a concrete online business strategy. 

1. Google

Google is among the top online tools for business growth that any business looking to scale up their business should consider. When you think of Google you might just think of it as a search engine but in fact, Google provides an entire suite of tools and benefits and most of them are free to use.  

The first step is claiming your business listing on Google so that you can optimize your company details. Beyond that, you can set up Google Analytics to track metrics on your website and much more.

To kick it up a notch you can take advantage of the paid tools within Google like setting up a search campaign in Google Ads or a Google Local Ad to shine in your local market.

If you are not sure where to start or where to invest your time and money, Google is going to be the best starting point.

2. Social Media Tools

Social media is a tool used by almost every single person who owns a computer or a phone. Social media consists of several different platforms so you can reach different types of people in different ways.

Facebook alone currently has 3 billion monthly users. With such huge numbers of daily online users, tapping on to this platform and other social media sites can help you grow your business two-fold. 

It’s important to identify the social media platforms that work for you in the ever-evolving HVAC market. As of now, it still stands that Facebook is the leading platform for HVAC businesses as this is where you can reach the highest number of people in your target market and where many people go to look for home-services recommendations and reviews.

When considering social media, visibility and lead conversion should be at the center of your focus. There are many different ways you can reach your audience, both for free or with paid campaigns such as marketing automation. Once the social media campaign is on, you can evaluate and assess your business’s growth over time and see what strategy works best for you.

3. Content Scheduling Software

When handling so many moving pieces in your HVAC business, it can be hard to stick to a consistent content schedule without being able to schedule things in advance. 

There are many different content scheduling tools and software out there to help you to manage your media and keep you on a schedule without having to manually schedule fresh content every single day and remember to do so.  

Most of these platforms though, do not come cheap, but the good news is when you work with an HVAC marketing agency, they usually already have access to these advanced tools so by working with them, they will take care of that piece for you.

4. Website Marketing Analysis

When customers search for businesses like yours online, your website is where all your online visitors land first, so think of it as your first impression.

Unless you develop a website that will attract your customers and ensure ease of use, your business may not see enough growth online. When launching your business, the first thing to do is to consider designing a website that will stand out. Your website is the landing page that tells all your current and potential clients about your products and services. 

While some people consider designing their websites, it may take a professional’s help to build a reliable site that is properly optimized for SEO and user experience. Once your website is up and running efficiently, it will be easy to attract new clients and turn them into leads. You can then use a website and marketing analysis tool to assess your business and the strides made in the process of pushing your HVAC services. Much like with the other tools, if you want access to the best enterprise level software you will be better off partnering up with agency so that they can also manage them for you as well.

5. Call Tracking Tools 

Call tracking or call listening tools are highly recommended for home services businesses. This will help you to get the full picture of your team’s customer service to see how it impacts your bottom line. You can have the best marketing strategy in the world that produces an abundance of qualified leads, but if those customers call you and don’t have a pleasant experience, you can lose that lead for good. 

Without listening to your calls, you won’t know what kind of experience they had, or if you need to make proper adjustments to your customer service procedure, welcome message, tone of voice, wait time, etc.

6. Marketing Automation

Are you looking forward to growing a home service business online? One of the best places to start is by focusing on automation. You may need to consider a marketing automation campaign as a useful tool in capturing leads, boosting conversion rates, and managing the sales process. 

With this tool in place, you can save time while building your HVAC business one step at a time online, hands-free. That’s right, with marketing automation the majority of the work is during the initial set-up, then from there it moves leads through the process automatically while you focus on the other components of your business. You may benefit from working with a marketing company like Optic Marketing Group, that understands how to set up and manage marketing automation tools.

7. Blog

A great way to improve your SEO and get noticed online is with an HVAC blog on your website. You can use your blog to publish company updates or any industry relevant information or topics that you think your customers will be interested in and as they are looking up this information, they will be more likely to land on your blog on your website, ultimately giving you exposure and potential leads.

Something to keep in mind though, if you do choose to start a blog you need to add fresh content each month so make sure you have someone on your team who is a good writer, otherwise hire a full-service HVAC marketing agency like Optic Marketing Group who has a team of writing experts who can produce SEO friendly content for you.

8. Competitor Analysis Tools

It is always important to track your progress of course, but it is almost just as important to keep an eye out on your competition. After all, you are competing for the same audience. There are many different tools out there that can provide you with insights from your competitors and even how you compare to them.

You obviously want to stand out from your competition, so by knowing what they are doing you can find ways to be even better. Work with a marketing agency like Optic Marketing Group who has unique tools to help you monitor your competition. 

9. Accounting Software Tools 

Without reliable business software, you might fail in your capacity to keep up with routine bookkeeping and accounting needs. 

Save your business from making expensive mistakes down the road by investing in an accounting tool to keep you on track.

10. Trend-tracking Software

Managing a business requires a focus on the trends in the industry. You need to keep track of the trends in the market to ensure adequate planning and make sure your marketing efforts and business procedures align with the latest trends.

Having a tool like this in your tool box, guarantees you a bird’s eye view of your respective industry and the trends as your business scales up operations. 

These Are the Top 10 Tools to Help Your Home Services Business Grow Online 

Now more than ever, you need to consider ways of ensuring that your business grows online. Apart from using traditional marketing techniques, you can consider these top 10 tools to help your home services business grow online. 

Did you find this article helpful? Optic Marketing Group offers you this and much more when it comes to business marketing and growth. Contact us today for more information on how to grow your business.