Voice search is finally making its mark on the digital marketing landscape.

Nowadays, 20% of all internet searches are voice-based. We’re always on the move and we always have our mobile devices with us, not to mention the fact that Google voice search algorithms have progressed in a big way.

For home service businesses that rely on local SEO, voice search will continue to play a big role. Today, we’re going to give you a few voice search tips that can help you boost your SEO and put you ahead of the competition.

Understanding voice search can give you a big edge over other HVAC and plumbing businesses. Keep reading and learn how it’s done.

Fill Out Your GMB Profile

One thing to understand about voice search is that it’s deeply tied to local SEO, which is so crucial for home service businesses. If your HVAC or plumbing business is going to have high visibility online, you need to fill out your Google My Business profile.

Without this profile, your business will be in no man’s land. When someone performs a voice search, Google looks at GMB to get business names, addresses, contact info, business category, and ratings. The more thoroughly you fill out your GMB profile, the better.

Getting More Online Reviews

When someone performs a voice search, they might say, “what is the best HVAC installation company near me?”. If your business is going to show up on the SERP, you need a high average star rating and lots of positive reviews.

Over 90% of people look at online reviews before buying a product or service, but reviews are also important for local SEO. Lots of good ratings, positive reviews, and responses to reviews will help you appeal to Google’s voice search algorithm.

Conversational Keywords and Customer Intent

The way that voice search SEO works is a bit different. Searchers are using more conversational language when they perform searches, so you need to focus on long-tail and local keywords on your landing pages and in your content.

Most voice searches come in the form of questions, as mentioned above. The key to nailing your keywords is understanding the intent of the searcher. Optimize your content to address this intent and you’ll be successful with voice search.

How Your Site Factors In

One of the best ways to optimize your website for voice search is to have an FAQ section. Having a dedicated page with conversational questions and answers will solve the problem posed above.

Also, since voice searches are always performed on mobile devices, you need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Simplicity is the key here, so make your navigation easy to understand, compress the size of your images, and integrate larger fonts and buttons.

Voice Search Optimization for Service Businesses

Voice search SEO isn’t the future of digital marketing for service businesses—it’s the present. These tips will help to optimize your business for voice search, but it’s important to keep your ear to the ground and stay on top of the ever-changing SEO trends. 

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