When was the last time you updated your company’s HVAC website?

Around 40% of people will stop interacting with a poorly designed website within a few minutes. Most experts would recommend that you go through a website redesign every few years. For an HVAC company, your website is especially important because it’s how most customers are going to find you.

In this post, we’re going to help you figure out if it’s time for an HVAC website redesign. Redesigning your website can help you improve your online presence and boost your user experience, so keep reading and learn if it’s time to give your site an overhaul.

You Aren’t Accomplishing Goals
When you set out to design a business website, you should always have certain goals in mind. Whether you’re having trouble driving sales, grabbing leads, or boosting conversions, if your website isn’t giving you results, then you need to make a change.

Hiring a company that specializes in HVAC websites will make it easier to pinpoint goals. At Optic Marketing Group, we specialize in HVAC and plumbing web design, so we understand what your goals are and how to design a website that can meet them.

Low Conversions, High Bounce
Having a high bounce rate is usually a sign that you need website redesign services ASAP. When a customer “bounces,” they’ve only visited one of your landing pages before leaving. This means they didn’t find what they wanted and saw no easy way to find it.

Conversions happen when a user does exactly what you want them to do on your site. If your conversion rates are low, then it’s a sign that you’re not accomplishing the goals that your website is designed to achieve.

By looking at either of these metrics, you can quickly determine if your website is doing its job.

Too Slow and Hard to Navigate
Website speed and navigation are famously important for the user experience. Something like 70% of consumers say that page speed affects their decision to purchase a product or not. If it doesn’t happen, your bounce rate is going to skyrocket.

When it comes to navigation, your site needs to make it really easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Ultimately, to achieve the best user experience, it should be essentially effortless for users to navigate your site. It helps to work with a website redesign service that understands the ins and outs of UX.

Mobile Responsiveness
About 55% of all page views came from mobile devices in 2021. As this number keeps rising, so does the importance of mobile responsiveness in web design. If you’re using a website design from 4-5 years ago, there’s a good chance it’s not working properly on today’s devices.

Without a website redesign, you’re alienating a lot of potential customers for your HVAC business. Hire the best HVAC website designers and get your mobile site in order to see your mobile traffic increase in a huge way.

Redesign Your HVAC Website Today
If you’ve noticed any of these signs, then your HVAC website just isn’t cutting it anymore. To keep up with the local competition, you need an HVAC website redesign and there’s no one better to help you with this than Optic Marketing Group.

With years of experience in web design and digital marketing for HVAC and plumbing companies, we have the knowledge and tools to take your site to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your new business website.