Over 90% of customers read online reviews before purchasing a product or service.

Running an HVAC company is all about bolstering your reputation. No matter where you operate, there are going to be other HVAC companies vying for the same group of customers. Good reviews help to establish your reputation and draw those customers away from the competition.

When you receive a five star review, you need to know what to do with it. In this post, we’re going to tell you how to respond to business reviews.

You work hard to give your customers the best service you can. Now keep reading and learn how responding to your five star reviews can boost business.

Why Responding to a Five Star Review Matters

Getting a positive review isn’t something every HVAC company is capable of, so you’re already off on the right foot. Once you’ve got the perfect review in hand, you can focus on your five star review response.

It’s important to respond to comments – good and bad – so that your customers know you’re listening. Doing so will boost your customer retention and local SEO, which is an important part of establishing your business as the go-to HVAC company in your area.

Your response may also influence how potential customers perceive your business. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people look at customer reviews before contacting a business. If you show that you’re responsive to your customers, it’ll show new customers that you care about their happiness.

Expressing Gratitude

There are a few different ways to bolster your five star review image. First and foremost, it’s important that your response is genuine and relates to what the customer discussed in their review.

One good way to keep the positive vibes going is to simply express your gratitude for the review and their business. After all, your customers don’t have to leave you a review. They’re doing it because they enjoyed the service you gave them.

Thank them by name and let them know that you really appreciate their feedback. It’s a simple, yet effective approach.

Highlight Your Team

You can take your five star review response one step further and highlight a member of your team that performed the HVAC service. A five star review will often single out a specific team member that provided excellent service.

By acknowledging the same team member in your response, you’re showing that you read the review carefully. You can say something like, “Thanks for your review; we’ll pass your compliments along to [insert employee]”. Doing this on a regular basis will also boost employee morale at your company.

Mention Upcoming Offers

We mentioned earlier that review responses can help you boost customer retention. You can really dig into this by mentioning an upcoming promotion or program in your response to incentivize your happy customer to come back again soon.

It helps if the service you’re advertising pertains to something the customer mentioned in their review. Otherwise, it may seem a bit blatant.

Know How to Get Five Star Reviews 

Once you know how to get a five star review and what to do with it afterward, you can go a long way to establishing your HVAC business as the best in the area. Responding to every single online review can be a lot of work, but it truly does pay off in the end.

If you need help optimizing your online reviews or any other aspect of digital marketing for your HVAC business, contact us at Optic Marketing. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in working with HVAC and plumbing companies.