As of 2022, there are nearly 200,000 plumbing businesses in operation. You’re competing against several other plumbers and companies for business every single day, so you need to learn some valuable ways to stand out.

Professional plumber advertising and marketing will help you win your share of customers so you can serve to your community and earn plenty of revenue in the process.

These four advertising tips will help you become the best plumbing professional possible.

1. Give Out Cards and Information

Using business cards can still create amazing results when used genuinely. Don’t think of them as passe. Think of business cards as a necessary way to remain on people’s minds and to leave your contact information.

You can also put together a brochure of information that you can hand out to generate repeat business and earn new customers.

2. Start a Plumbing Blog

Blogging is one of the main strategies that people use today when they’d like to get better search engine optimization results. Blogs are valuable because they’re an easy way to share information with people about the things you do best.

Longer blog posts are ideal today because of their effectiveness and the fact that they offer more value. The average blog post today is about 2,200 words in length.

You can get more out of your plumbing blog by hiring professional writers that can capture your tone and write well-researched, quality content. Add some high-resolution images to your blog, along with 3 to 5 different authoritative links.

3. Make How-To Plumbing Content

When you teach people about plumbing, you will become their guru on the subject for a long time. People today gravitate to video because it’s the easiest content to take in.

Plumbing professionals should learn to master video content to connect with the widest audience. You can post plenty of how-to videos on YouTube.

When you post useful videos, such as helping people learn how to unclog toilets or tighten plumbing connections, you’ll have an easier time growing your traffic and selling your services. A digital marketing company can help you with editing and adding graphics to your video content.

4. Get Involved in the Community

Plumbing is one of the most local types of business. You can always sell courses and books online, but for most plumbers, local customers are their bread and butter.

Get involved as much as you can in your local community so that you become a regular fixture in it. Don’t limit yourself to plumbing-related issues. You can donate to schools, hold canned food drives, or even start a competitive softball team.

People will feel more inclined to do business with you when they see you regularly showing up in the community.

Advertising Tips for Plumbers

These four advertising tips for plumbers need to be part of your regular repertoire. Plan your plumbing company’s goals so you can figure out advertising strategies that will work.

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