Your ability to get referrals is often make-or-break when it comes to a home services business. That’s especially true when you’re doing the work yourself and not employing professionals.

See, most people trust referrals from friends more than they do professional marketing. Get your first customer talking, and it will lead to more customers with higher customer lifetime values. This article shares 10 quick strategies for generating these highly valued leads.

1. Ask Current Clients

Every business starts with one client. Find them, do a great job, and getting referrals is academic. Simply ask for the names of friends or family members who need similar services. If they can’t give you any right away, that’s fine.

Don’t be pushy. Just plant the idea in your customer’s head, and keep doing your best with future services.

2. Track Referrals You Receive

Another key part of how to get referrals is to track whatever you receive. This helps you know who to follow up with.

3. Create Incentives

Sharing the benefits of referrals (that is, the incentives for referring others) acts as a sign of good faith. This could be a gift card, a discount off their next service, or a giveaway that creates value.

4. Make Receiving Referrals Easy

Referral marketing should be simple. Don’t create a lot of hoops for your customers to jump through.

Accept referrals verbally, over the phone, by email, or in any other way that they’re willing to give them. You can always organize your system later.

5. Use Social Media

Many home services business ideas can get started through Facebook, Instagram, or another social network you feel comfortable using. You don’t even need a website.

Start your page. Reach out to existing friends and family asking for their help. Then, post regularly, offering value and incentives along the way.

6. Strategize

Determine the ways that you plan to create value for your customers. Look for opportunities in various places and online groups. Track where all your successes are coming from, as well as where you’re seeing no success.

7. Build WOM

Why are referrals important? They create word-of-mouth marketing. This reduces your overall ad-spend and results in a much higher quality lead. The only way to build it, though, is to deliver a service that people value highly.

You do this through the service itself. But you also do it through follow-up, professionalism, customer service, and effective communication.

8. Provide Real Value

Go the extra mile for your customers whenever you can. Point out a problem they may not have noticed and fix it for free.

Share advice and simple fix-it advice on your online platforms. It’s okay to charge nothing for a small service if it leads to a longer relationship.

9. Adjust As Needed

Not everything you are going to do will work. Failure is as important as a success because it points you in the right direction.

Make every written strategy or marketing plan a living document. Allow it to breathe and change over time.

10. Take Chances

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Try approaches that have never been done before (at least, in your area). You can always steal great ideas from other parts of the country.

Need More Suggestions for How to Get Referrals?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to get referrals. You’re only limited by creativity (and the occasional regulation). So put your creativity to work.

Start by delivering value. After that, just ask! And employ the tips we’ve shared here.¬†Or, reach out for help! Optic Marketing Group is eager to help. Just reach out and let us know where you’re struggling.