Think about all of the ways you use your mobile device to consume information.

Now, consider what makes a website appealing and eye-grabbing to you.

If you’re like 80% of internet users, “video content” was likely the first thing that came to mind.

As a business, brand videos can help you shine above the competition. A comprehensive video marketing strategy will keep people on your page, decrease your bounce rate, and make you seem more credible. Read on to learn how to position yourself as a home services industry leader with video content.

Understand the Power of Brand Videos

Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Additionally, 43% of individuals want to see even more video content from businesses and marketers.

People process images 60,000 times faster than text, which has made image content a popular choice for marketers over the past several years. But case studies also show that replacing images with videos can increase conversions by 12.62%.

These statistics all show why video is such a popular tool. And they make sense – video content is colorful, eye-catching, and interactive. It brings your website to life so that people feel a sense of connection with the people and graphics in videos.

This positions your business as credible and reputable. It also gives you the chance to build your brand voice with video content.

Choose the Right Type of Video

To begin harnessing the power of video-related business marketing, it’s critical that you know what kind of video you want to create. This will ultimately depend on your target audience, so research them thoroughly before deciding on a video marketing strategy.

Look into what demographics are most interested in your services. HVAC repair professionals and plumbers bulk of their customers will most likely be middle-class homeowners and landlords. Lawnscaping services will also work with a lot of homeowners, but they may have a higher income than other home service clients.

Then, you can decide what type of video will work best on your website.

Product videos won’t be effective for home services since you aren’t selling a tangible good. However, you could have a video that shows some of your best landscaping work if you take care of lawns and landscaping. HVAC professionals or plumbers could include videos of themselves hard at work to show commitment and attention to detail.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are generally the way to go when you begin creating a video marketing plan. These videos will showcase a past client talking about the ways that your services have helped to resolve their problems. Since these problems will align with those that others in your target audience share, you’ll illustrate the ways you can help them, too.

In an explainer video, you can also have the person talk about why your home services stand out from the competition. Create a script saying why potential clients should choose you rather than others in the area.

Creating a connection with your audience is key in business, and explainer videos are the chance to do that. Potential clients will see the face of a real person and hear their voice, which fosters a natural attachment and connection. They’ll be more likely to have strong feelings for your brand and work with you.


Animated videos also have a great place in the world of business marketing. They’re fun and simple ways to provide a pop of movement and color to your landing page.

You also can showcase fantastical movements and actions that aren’t physically possible in a live-action video. For example, a lawn care business can show workers moving inhumanly quickly to get the job done. A plumber can show themselves cleaning up after a major disaster without disgustingly off-putting imagery.

Animation is also a great way to convey fast facts and numerical data in an attention-grabbing way. You can have statistics pop up from nothing. You can have tiny renditions of people run along the tops of letters.

Plus, with professional help, you can optimize these videos to boost your SEO strategy! Including appropriate tags that feature relevant keywords and enhancing the meta description can help you rank. Positioning video content at the right place on your landing page can work wonders for conversions.

Keep Things Short and Simple

People’s attention spans have been waning in recent years. As of 2023, people can only pay attention to one screen for about 47 seconds. It’s important to keep your videos short and to the point so that people watch them long enough to absorb your message.

In the era of TikTok and YouTube shorts, keep videos under 1 minute if possible. If you plan to have a longer video, make sure to change its appearance every 30 seconds or so. Switch colors around or change the angle so that people feel like they’re looking at a new, fresh screen.

This also benefits marketers because short videos are candid and easy to produce. You can engage with your audience easily and effectively by frequently uploading short videos to your website. Consider including them in blog posts and switching out landing page videos every couple of months.

Be Mobile-Friendly

It’s critical that you apply all video marketing tips to mobile platforms as well as desktops. Almost 61% of online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Make sure that videos are compatible with both iOS and Android devices so that they’re playable for all users.

Consider making the initial mobile landing page a soundless video… or one that people can turn sound on manually for. It’s a great way to make an initial impression that keeps visitors on your page long enough to become interested in your brand and services.

Boost Your Engagement Today

Now that you know how to create brand videos that drive conversions, it’s time to enhance your video marketing strategy with expert help. Our team is committed to helping you come up with a video marketing plan before producing and uploading the visual content needed to enhance your outreach and SEO.

We listen actively to your vision and goals to ensure that you get content that’s perfect for your home services business, so contact Optic Marketing Group to learn more about how we can boost your business marketing ASAP.