SEO: 7 Failproof Techniques for An SEO Boost in 2023

To be successful, your business needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. Here are seven failproof techniques for an SEO boost in 2023.

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Despite its proven impacts, only 63% of businesses invest in an SEO strategy. If you take steps toward an SEO boost, you’re already setting yourself ahead of the competition.

Here, we’re going to talk about how you can optimize your SEO in 2023 to make an impact. Read on for some of the most basic things that you need to do if you want to stand out.

1. Perform Competitor Research

Competitor research, also called competitor analysis, takes place when you identify and look into competitor content. This lets you know what your direct competition is doing right so you can emulate their success. It also tells you the ways that their websites are lacking so that you can rise above them.

Competitor research is a simple step-by-step process. All you need to do is:

  • Choose the services/products that you want to evaluate
  • Find your direct competitors that operate within the same area and sell the same services
  • Determine indirect competitors and examine replacement competition
  • Decide what parts of the competing business are worth looking into
  • Research every competitor you identify with Google Analytics and professional assistance
  • Document your findings with text, charts, and graphs
  • Determine what areas you can improve
  • Implement necessary changes

This is pretty easy and can go a long way when making a name for yourself in a specific industry.

2. Use Local Keywords

46% of Google searches are made by those looking for local information. To reach this wide audience, you’re going to need to optimize for local keywords.

Local keywords are those that somehow incorporate your service area into their body. Many people use “near me” searches. For example, a Chinese restaurant might optimize for “Chinese food near me” or “chow mein near me.”

This is extremely effective since over 50% of these “near me” searches result in a physical visit.

Other local keywords might incorporate the area you service. Examples would be “Tampa Chinese restaurant” or Tampa FL chop suey.” People will find you if they are searching for food in this specific area.

You also should claim your Google Business Profile so that you show up in the right “near me” searches. This means inputting your address and business information so people can access it via GPS. Devices with GPS signals near you will pick up your business as local and show it to consumers.

3. Consider Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword research is always important for SEO. You can use tools like SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool to find keywords and phrases with a high search volume (SV) of 100+. Just make sure that the keyword difficulty (KD) is 80 or lower so that your content actually has a realistic chance of being #1 in SERPs.

Local keywords are no exception to this. Neither are long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords, sometimes known as long-firm keywords, are extremely specific. They’re usually much longer that more common keywords, which gives them their name.

For example, instead of “Tampa Chinese food,” a long-tail keyword might be “beef with broccoli lunch special in Tampa Florida.”

These keywords get less traffic from Google than other common ones. However, they are generally far less competitive. Because they’re easier to rank for, they actually show your content to interested parties.

Long-tail keywords are especially great for businesses that sell more niche services. People looking for these businesses will be more specific in their queries so that they can find exactly what they want. Long-tail keywords help you find your exact target audience for more search-to-sale conversions.

4. Take All Link-Building Opportunities

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy. Inbound links drive traffic from other websites and social media. Outbound backlinks establish connections between you and other reputable sites so that Google crawlers see your worth.

Purchase guest post packages so other websites link to you organically within their content. Link to your landing site on social media and in online reviews. Take those from your Google Business Profile to an “about” section on your website.

The bottom line is that you should grab any link-building opportunity that you identify.

5. Partner With Other Businesses

Seeking partnerships with other businesses is a great way to boost SEO in 2023. Choose companies that share a target audience with you but are not your direct competitors.

You can include backlinks to each other within your content. You might also offer joint promotions encouraging people to work simultaneously with both businesses.

You also want to reach your audience on social media, which means forming partnerships with influencers. These influencers will already have large follower bases that they can advocate your brand to. When they link to you on their sites, you’ll get more inbound traffic from interested people (assuming that you choose an influencer with the right target market).

6. Optimize Social Media

Using a variety of social media platforms is another great way to boost your SEO. You can create pages and promote them to your target audience so that you get a wide follower base. Upload links to blog posts and other content a couple of times a week to stay fresh in people’s brains and get traffic.

Social media can also help you make an impression. You can create an engaging and friendly brand voice that people relate to. This demonstrates that your business is of a high caliber and should be pushed up in SERPs.

7. Create Visual Content

Videos. Images. Infographic content.

Because humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, multimedia content is essential when getting people to remain on your page. Additionally, videos get 1200% more shares than other content, which will boost your inbound traffic and visibility.

Make sure that you incorporate visuals into all of your marketing channels. Embed videos into social media posts and link to infographic content on your landing page. This appeals to both consumers and to indexing bots (since you’ll be getting more clicks).

Give Yourself an SEO Boost Today

An SEO boost can gain your business visibility and traffic in 2023. This a fundamental for those looking to get leads and make conversions. Now that you know how to boost SEO strategies in the coming year, it’s time to begin optimizing your website.

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