It’s estimated that global search engine optimization marketing will be worth $122.11 billion by the year 2028. Despite this statistic, many businesses make the mistake of thinking they can get by without SEO.

While this might have been true ten years ago, it’s vital to realize that times are changing. The reality is that if you’re not investing in this form of digital marketing, you’re actively missing out on a huge degree of organic traffic.

To help convince you of the importance of search engine optimization for your website, we have made this guide.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as it’s commonly known, is the practice of improving ranking and website visibility on search engines like Google. There are a variety of ways to go about improving this.

However, typically it involves optimizing the content, structure, and presence of a website through the use of strategic keywords. These keywords include common phrases that people interested in your products or services are looking for.

Keyword research is a vital technique that’s needed to get started with SEO. But so are other things like link building, local SEO, on-site SEO for blogs, and technical SEO.

An SEO professional or digital marketer can help you understand all of the things that go into an effective search engine optimization campaign.

Why Is It Important?

One recent report found that Google received roughly eighty-six billion visits during one month alone. People use search engines to find things they need.

Whether that’s the answer to a question or a plumber in their area depends on the keywords they’re using. However, the ranking of results is important. Think about it.

When was the last time you scrolled through pages of Google before clicking on a result? Odds are instead, you clicked on the first few results that looked relevant instead.

By optimizing your website to fit these keywords, you can both get found by potential customers. However, the real importance of SEO is that you can create demand. Let’s explore some of the other benefits that can come when you invest in SEO.

Organic Searches Drive Website Traffic

These days, most people aren’t simply plugging in a website URL to visit the site. Even when they know the name of the website, they still just plug it into Google. The same goes for when they’re looking at a specific subject.

Organic search, meaning searches that aren’t the result of paid advertising, is still the number one determinant of website traffic.

Indeed, things like newsletters and social media links can also drive traffic. But by engaging in SEO, you’re ensuring that people have the opportunity to find your business’s website in the sea of content out there.

Good SEO Builds Credibility

You tend to trust the websites that rank highest on search engines like Google. So why is this? It’s because platforms like Google have strict requirements when it comes to establishing the authority of a website.

Typically this criteria includes things like optimized on-page elements, optimized blogs, natural links referencing the website, machine-learning signals, and positive user behavior.

By breaking through website rankings on a relevant search term, you establish yourself as an expert authority in your field. This leads potential customers to almost instantly trust your brand.

However, it’s important to remember that this ranking authority isn’t earned overnight. It requires patience and effort to establish yourself.

It Can Put You In Touch With a Local Target Audience

This aspect is incredibly important for HVAC, plumbing, and lawn care companies that rely on clients located in specific cities or geographic locations.

These businesses rely on an influx of customers found in their area. Proper local SEO can put you directly in touch with your clientele. If you’re a plumbing company, it might be a challenge to rank high nationally for a generic plumbing search.

But if someone in your area searches for ‘plumbing near me’ or ‘plumbing in [your city], it’s much easier to rank. This puts you directly in touch with people in your area who require your assistance.

It’s an Affordable and Effective Form of Digital Marketing

Many types of digital marketing campaigns can be expensive. Digital ads require you not only to pay for the creation of the ad but also the ad space. Compared to these forms, website SEO is extremely cost-effective.

Often, you’re only paying a professional to research and create content for you, or optimize your website. This is affordable, and if it’s done right, it can give you a huge bang for your buck.

How to Improve Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

Implementing an effective SEO strategy on your own isn’t impossible. If you implement the right techniques, you stand a good chance of succeeding. However, it will require a lot of time, knowledge, and writing talent to do well.

Worse of all, even if you create great, valuable content that’s optimized for the web, there’s no guarantee that it will rank well. Sadly, certain markets are oversaturated with content.

This is especially true in the HVAC, plumbing, and lawn care markets. Certain companies have been engaging in SEO for decades, which means they have a massive head start on you.

So what’s the solution? The key to making things easier is to hire a professional who’s trained in the latest SEO strategies and trends. These professionals bring experience and skill to the table.

Best of all, they’ll handle all of the marketing work for you. That means you can focus on what you’re meant to do: running your business.

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