As of 2023, email marketing provides an average ROI of 2100%. When configured correctly, email marketing campaigns can be some of the most lucrative strategies your business uses.

This is true for companies in virtually every industry. HVAC marketing can seem overwhelming at first. However, using digital marketing for your HVAC company is easier than most people anticipate.

We’ve put together a guide on how to use email for digital marketing for HVAC this summer. Let’s dive in.

Offer Incentives

To get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you’ll need to provide something of value. Offer your customers incentives so they have a reason to care about your message.

You have plenty of flexibility here. You could inform them of a promotion, offer a digital coupon, etc.

However, you should only offer incentives your audience finds useful. Otherwise, you’ll only waste their time.

Don’t Spam

It can be tempting to send additional messages if you don’t get the desired results. However, this is the biggest mistake you can make.

Spamming your customers’ inboxes will cause them to unsubscribe. Unfortunately, annoying people via email often has long-term consequences.

Not only will you be unable to reach them, they may actively avoid your brand. This results in you losing a customer and your competitors gaining one. It’s in your best interest to email your audience once per week.

If you aren’t hitting your target metrics, the problem stems from your incentive or email content. Frequency isn’t the culprit.

Include Strong CTAs

No matter how attractive your offer is, you’ll get much better results by including a compelling call to action. Your CTA should direct them to a landing page or product/service page.

Good CTAs are both brief and powerful. Instill a sense of urgency so they take action sooner rather than later.

Including discounts in your CTA is a great way to get better results. For example, your call to action button could say “Get 50% Off.”

It’s essential to double-check the destination you send your audience. The last thing you want is to take them to a broken or unfinished landing page. This could cause you to forego thousands of dollars in potential sales.

Headlines Are Everything

Headlines will make or break your entire email marketing strategies. You only have a few seconds to get them interested in your offer.

Otherwise, they’ll move on to the rest of their inbox and forget about your message. Shorter headlines are generally better since the title of the message won’t be cut off.

This threshold generally sits around 55 characters. On mobile devices, it can be as low as 30 characters.

You’ll want your audience to see the entire headline so they know exactly why they should open the message. You can use split testing to determine which HVAC email headlines are most successful.

Research the Best Time to Email

Certain times of day are better than others for email marketing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal solution to this issue.

It will heavily depend on your target audience. For instance, elderly individuals are more likely to check their email early in the morning and less likely to check it late at night. When it comes to days of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are ideal.

People often don’t want to think about their emails on Friday or the weekend. Mondays are generally spent preparing for the week and getting back up to speed.

You should avoid sending emails right before or after the holidays. These are other scenarios where people aren’t likely to get your message. Test different times and days so you can determine the ideal email schedule.

Content Is King

You might have an amazing headline and a strong CTA, but you’ll also need stellar body content. Your email content is the bridge between your headline and your CTA, so it needs to be engaging. Provide useful insights and keep your content contemporary.

For instance, you could acknowledge a recent heatwave that has set record numbers in the local area. Don’t make your email content too long, though.

This can bore readers and make it difficult for them to understand your overall message. You can improve your content strategy by signing up for successful competitors’ email newsletters.

This gives you valuable intel on their winning method. As long as your content is interesting, you shouldn’t have problems holding your audience’s attention.

Keep an Eye on Your Analytics

Keep a close eye on your analytics so you can learn from past mistakes. This will help you emphasize strategies that work and reconfigure those that don’t.

Key metrics to consider include open rate, conversion rate, and the best times for sending messages. Get in the habit of checking your analytics monthly and making necessary adjustments. This goes a long way toward maximizing your results.

Getting Started

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of your audience. This will help you ensure they resonate with your messages and offers. Do your best to put yourself in their shoes and figure out what compels them to take action.

It’s possible to create an email marketing campaign on your own. However, this isn’t always the best option.

Working with a professional can save you time and money while providing better results. When searching for a marketing firm, consider its past reputation. There should be no shortage of positive feedback.

Look for reviews that mention professionalism, timeliness, and communication. Do they often work with businesses like yours?

It’s best to find a firm that understands the nuances of the HVAC industry. Finally, consider their pricing structure. The last thing you want is to encounter financial surprises.

Use Email When Digital Marketing for HVAC

Never neglect the potential that email marketing provides. Not only will you better resonate with your customers, but you’ll increase your ROI. The above guide on digital marketing for HVAC companies can help get you started on the right track.

Speak with a representative from Optic Marketing Group today. Our professional team can assess your situation and guide you along the best path.