Social media management is a vital organ of modern business. Entrepreneurs with the right social media tools can become an unstoppable force in their field.

But while maintaining a social media marketing strategy can feel like a full-time job in itself, the right tools can save not only time but money. It’s about working smarter, not harder!

So, what are the must-have social media tools out there designed to make life easier? Keep reading to find out.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a monster of a tool! It claims to be an all-in-one solution to your social media management needs. Features include data analytics, scheduling posts, organizing content across platforms and managing communication. This tool has been praised for helping small businesses understand their audience and keep up with marketing trends. It syncs many, if not all, of the social media platforms in your inventory.

Sprout Social continues to expand its functions to facilitate social media management, and although a paid service, it continues to be worth every penny.


Pinterest is the unsung hero for driving external traffic to business websites and online shops. When it comes to this objective, no social media platform holds a candle to Pinterest. Unfortunately, it’s often forgotten for its tedious nature of “pinning” posts for the sake of consistency.

However, Tailwind is an app that allows you to schedule pins weeks, even months, in advance. Setting a couple of hours a month aside will ensure that Tailwind is consistently pinning while you continue to manage other aspects of your business.


Later has multiple functions that focus primarily on Instagram. However, it does have scheduling functions for other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook etc.

While it is popular for scheduling posts, its unique strength has to be its rich analytics dashboard. Its detailed Audience Insight reports can help you schedule your posts in the most effective way. Again, this is a paid service, but the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice.


Hubspot is not solely a social media management tool, it’s a general marketing tool. For many, this is the be-all and end-all of digital marketing tools. Like Sprout Social, it prides itself in being everything you need for social media marketing. What makes it unique, though, is its sophisticated CRM system.

While Hubspot’s higher tier subscriptions may be a little exps¡nsive for some small businesses, it’s clear that this program has many functions to build an effective small business social media campaign.

Make the Most of Social Media Tools

The amount of attention you pay to social media management can make or break your business. There are far more tools out there than the ones mentioned in this article. But this gives you a taster of just how easy digital marketing can be with the right social media tools.

If you need a little more support with your brand’s social media strategy, why not contact us for more hands-on guidance in giving your business the marketing it deserves?