With more people staying home this year due to COVID-19, it has changed the way that people vacation and how they will be vacationing this Fall for the holiday season. 

There are more guidelines in place when it comes to social distancing and wearing a mask in public. Restaurants are closed or only open for takeout. Vacationing and all travel, is quite different this year. 

As a business, it might be a struggle to attract customers, especially if they don’t want to leave the house. People might have different plans this Fall because of COVID-19. 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to make your advertising more effective. You want to create advertisements that are more specific and show that you relate to your target market. 

Here’s a guide that can help you attract more customers. 

Highlight How Clean Your Business Is

If you are going to advertise to attract your target market, you need to highlight pain points that are on everyone’s mind. 

For example, you need to address how clean your business is, but also address what changes you are making to protect the safety of others. You might need to explain with a billboard advertisement or some other form of advertising how your business is doing its part to ensure that every customer is protected. 

Your advertisements should highlight what you are doing to keep your business clean and safe for customers. That may mean showing people that your employees are wearing a mask and gloves to prevent other people from getting sick. 

Your advertisements can also show what protocols you have in place when it comes to doing business with customers. These protocols may involve less contact and are centered on the customers. 

Talk About Social Distancing Rules

Another critical part of advertising to attract your target market is to highlight social distancing rules. 

To show that your business is abiding by social distancing rules could mean that you have 6ft apart decal stickers on the ground for customers to keep their distance while they are in line. Or, if you are a home services based business you can ensure them that you have been actively enforcing social distancing methods with in-office teams and your service technicians. 

It can also mean that your business has notifications on your website, ads and service vehicles to show that your employees are abiding by this rule. It shows that you care about the customer and their safety. 

Show More Discounts and Promotions

Another way to attract your target market to your store this Fall is to offer promotions and discounts. 

With the economy slowing down due to COVID-19 and people figuring out ways to save on shopping, it’s important to show people how they can save money, especially when they will be spending a lot of money for the holiday season. Offer discounts and promotions through email or in other advertisements that show people they can save when they shop at your business. Target your market with Facebook ads, social media posts, landing pages, emails, and other forms of advertisements. 

The point is, you want to make it clear that your business is adjusting during COVID-19 in a way that helps people during this difficult time. 

Know Who You’re Targeting

It’s also important that you know who you’re targeting during COVID-19. If you want to maintain sales and attract customers, you have to understand how the customer’s mindset has changed during COVID-19. 

During the holiday season,, people want to take a vacation and visit family. They want to leave the house and feel like they can take a break from life. The question is, how can you help them achieve this while also feeling safe during COVID-19? 

With that in mind, you should create billboard advertisements or other forms of advertisements based on answering that question. Your goal is to help people feel safer while they vacation and now that people will be driving to their destination rather than flying, outdoor billboards will be seen by many faces.

While targeting age, demographics, and interest will, for the most part, remain the same, it’s messaging of your business advertisements that will change to adjust to people’s new lifestyle. You want your advertisements to give a feeling of safety.

In addition, it’s important to remember that people are ready to spend, although their vacation spots are limited. That means you have to create better advertisements that outshine your competitors. 

You want your target market to spend their carefully earned dollars on your business. 

How to Improve Your Advertisements

Your advertisements should not only be about safety and the well-being of the customer, but it should also be more precise and targeted. 

That means writing a better headline as well as body copy that specifically addresses how you can help your target market. You want to avoid being overly general. You want to hit home on specific pain points and show what your business is doing to help the customers. 

You should also consider advertising more on social media, with more people hanging out online during the pandemic. This means you should consider posting and advertising more on social media in order to promote your business. 

If you want to see how you can generate revenue from social media posts, check out this blog article

Overall, it’s always important to improve your advertisements to achieve better results. But it’s more important than ever to show people how you’re maintaining health and safety rules and ensuring their safety is of the utmost importance. 

Now You Know How to Attract Customers This Fall

While the economy has slowed down a bit during the pandemic, it’s still an opportunity for your business to adjust and generate sales. It’s an opportunity to attract customers with targeted messaging. 

You want to show your target market how your business is adjusting during COVID-19. You want to promote your brand and show people that your business is safer than ever to shop at. So now is not the time to halt your advertising but just to adjust your messaging and advertising platforms.

If you need help with how to attract customers this Fall, contact Optic Marketing Group today to get started. Optic Marketing Group is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in HVAC marketing.