Did you know that 69% of marketers invested in search engine optimization (SEO) in 2021? The report published by Hubspot showed the value of SEO rankings for businesses of all sizes. Organic traffic gives you cost-effective results, boosting your revenue and building your audience.

To improve your site’s ranking, you need a cutting-edge strategy. Competition is fierce in the Google rankings. Get it wrong, and your content will disappear into the crowd.

We have a guide to help you improve SEO, get more organic traffic, and move up the SEO rankings. Time to climb the ladder!

1. Quality Content Boosts Your Site’s Ranking

Matching content to user search intent makes you a trusted source of useful information. If they need help solving a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) issue, you need to explain the problem and give an effective solution.

Google’s E-E-A-T algorithm is specific in how it ranks sites. Experience needs to be first-hand to matter in Google rankings. If you are reviewing travel trends, for example, you should have visited the places yourself.

Expertise refers to your knowledge of a specific subject. Qualifications, content history, and professional affiliations show expertise.

Authoritativeness stems from the purpose of your site and its relevant content. For example, legal advice shared on a cooking site will lower your authority. How many people come to your site for advice?

Trustworthiness is linked to authority, so make sure you give users the correct information to become their go-to source on the topic.

2. Speed Up Your Company Website

The average desktop Time to First Byte (TTFB) for webpages is 1.286 seconds, reports BACKLINK.IO. For sites on mobile, TTFB time was 2.594 seconds. Web pages take an average of 87.84% longer to load on mobile.

The same study found that a webpage fully loads on a desktop in an average of 10.3 seconds. Webpages took an average of 27.3 seconds to load on mobile by contrast.

Optimize your multimedia content’s quality-to-speed ratio. Aim to keep file size minimal while still looking sharp. Use only the images, graphics, and videos that you need and not a byte more!

Your page’s plug-ins and themes should be purely functional. Cut out superfluous add-ons to boost your site’s loading speed.

Upgrade your server as you build your audience. High-volume traffic strains basic servers, slowing down loading times. The upgrade will pay for itself in no time!

3. Build Your Backlinks

Backlinks from authority sites are vital to improve your site’s ranking. Quality news sites, successful blogs, and trusted review sites raise your site’s ranking on results pages.

You can reach out to bloggers, influencers, and journalists who specialize in your subject. Compile an enticing pitch to let them know why they should write about your company and how it will boost their rankings.

Another strategy is to find outdated or low-quality content in your sector. Use analytics to check the number of referring domains. You want those links for your page instead!

You need to blow the original out of the water. Connect with authoritative figures in the industry, then ask if they would like to link to your updated content. You host the content, and your partners share it to get more traffic for themselves – win-win.

Guest posts are similar, but they are hosted on someone else’s site. Reach out to other bloggers in your sector, then pitch a piece of content for their site. Keep your style neutral to blend into their existing content, and make sure to keep your backlink subtle.

4. Improve Your SEO Keywords

Gone are the days of keyword-stuffing to improve SEO. Google’s algorithm is tack-sharp these days, and its team of expert developers hones it all the time. Use your keywords wisely in content, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Keyword research informs your choices. You need to consider relevance, authority, and volume to raise your site’s ranking.

Relevance is how effectively your keywords match user search intent. Specificity counts here, so try to put yourself into the mind of the person searching for content. What terms would they use?

Authority refers to how many shares a site gets in a time period. Like our E-E-A-T algorithm earlier, more social shares and backlinks to authoritative sites raise your SEO ranking.

Volume is a double-edged metric. You want to aim for a monthly share volume (MSV) that avoids competing with the top sites but has enough searches to boost organic traffic.

Mix head terms and long-tail keywords. Head terms have 1 to 3 words and a broader scope. Long-tails are ultra-specific and dive further into a user’s search intent; aim for a blend of long and short.

5. Optimize for Multiple Devices

The truth is that most web users read on their mobile devices these days. People are on the move from dawn to dusk and consume content while commuting. This means all content needs to load perfectly on multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems.

For existing sites, you can choose to overhaul your entire design or use a new template to save time. Focus on pages with higher bounce rates, but leave top-performing pages alone for now.

You could make a separate mobile-optimized site, but search engines will see multiple URLs for the same site. You need to adhere to best practices if you choose this route, as the parameters change often. It is a better option to keep everything in one place.

A responsive site with a clean design that works on all devices will move you up the Google rankings. Code breakpoints adapt to browser and window size to keep all important elements visible. You can use a high-quality content management system (CMS) or enlist help from a web developer for more dynamic websites.

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