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Organic marketing is anything that gets a product or company’s name into the mind of the potential customer without adding ad budget funds to promote. In most instances, advertising takes the form of carefully planned campaigns, strategically designed and carried out to reach a set goal. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You have to pay to play”? Well, that has become the comment statement among marketers as almost every business these days are online and investing in a marketing package. With that said, if everyone is writing about the same topics, how do you bump your content up? Most companies add money to promote the content on social media platforms allowing the new content to become more visible throughout the day or weeks.

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Optic Marketing Organic Solutions

We understand each business has different goals and needs. Optic Marketing Group offers organic marketing solutions to get you visible online. We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Local Directories, Content Creation, Social Media Posts, and more. Don’t see it on the list? Speak up, and just ask us.

Chief Operating Officer Optic Marketing Group

Growing up in the Midwest paved the foundation of my wholesome family values and birthed the desire to see the world that existed beyond the cornfields. Professionally my journey has led me to be a digital marketing nomad, never settling for one specific marketing craft. My experience and love for others have let me to the path of inspiring others to push beyond their fears and overcome the things holding them back from being the greatest version of themselves. I love to learn, volunteer, travel, and laugh.