Google Algorithm- Who Cares?


It’s summertime, your busiest time of the year! For home services, this can be the holiday season for your boss and the last thing on anyone’s mind is the marketing plan or lack of for that matter.  I mean really, with the phone is ringing off the hook all day- who would!? If only, that was the truth. Although your employees are working long hours to accommodate the demand, your marketing isn’t running itself.

Did you know that Google pushed another Algorithm update on June 25th? Well, John Mueller at Google Tweeted, “We make updates all the time”. Although Google may not have officially confirmed any updates, experts across the world are chiming into the rankings shifting (mostly for the better) in organic position So what might have caused these shifts in rankings?

Content Reads for SEO and NOT your Customer

With rumored 10,000 search quality rankers (humans)  reviewing your website and reading your content for relevance, readability and user experience, you have to invest in content that your audience will care and value first then subtly add the SEO best practices.


Online Reputation and Reviews Important- Make Fake Ones

At one time, experts could prove that Google was favoring positive online reviews as a factor into local rank. Naturally, the next step was to start making fake reviews to compete with your competitor down the street. Google caught on that and started investigating real Google+ profiles to ensure they were “real customers”.

Here are just a few examples of old SEO tricks that just don’t work anymore. While you are busy running your business and taking a breather from your marketing and website, your competitors are NOT. Call Optic Marketing Group today and let us audit your website and online presence while you are busy racking in the cash.