Call-To-Action That Work: 10 Examples To Test

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CTA's that work

As an internet user, you must have come across pop up boxes that tend to gently persuade you to click on them or tries to advertise the juicy part of what you are looking for and ask you to either buy now or learn more, these are call to action ideas, they are there to make the visitor or the reader to have a sought of commitment to your brand in different ways either by buying your product, investing in your idea or service, following you on social media or joining your email list. The sole aim of these call to action is to establish leads and create a high conversion rate for your website so that in the end, you can make sales.

The Importance of Good Call-to-Action

Call to action generally automate and seamlessly transforms your marketing efforts into leads and sales while you are not working from street to street trying to do the gentle persuasion on your own, they can come in the form of bars, exit intent popup windows or small automated dialogue boxes that starts up a chart and then transfers you to a real person.

Having said this, I will go ahead and give you some call to action ideas that have been tested and trusted to work for home services, real estate, and medical rehab brands.

  1. Download now: This is like a hot cake that never gets cold, it works so well especially when you have a service or product that you want to sell and you want to take the visitor to the checkout page or sales page. It is very effective and in those two words, it tells the visitor straight on what to expect when he or she clicks the call to action button.
  2. Try it for free: Everyone loves the word free, some people have grown to give less trust in the word free, but then for a brand to offer their product or service for free shows how credible and trustworthy the product is, once it is marketed well with a compelling phrase added to it, the try it out for free yields a lot of conversions, Netflix has used this particular call to action to turn millions of visitors into customers and sales for real cash.
  3. Talk to an expert now: Ok this goes miles for medical brands and real estate brands and almost any brand that deals with professionals, getting to book an appointment with a professional these days can be so tedious and in most cases, everyone wants to get some professional advice as to what to do next. This is why this call to action button does wonders. It turns visitors into instant callers but I must warn you, be sure that you have 1,001 answers to 1,000 questions because if this does not go well, you will lose that visitor and other prospective visitors forever.
  4. Learn More: This cannot be overlooked especially by people in the medical field. I chose to say the medical field and rehab because many people wish they can gain knowledge on certain things that are affecting their lives and well-being. Therefore offering patients and consumers an accurate opportunity to gain relevant knowledge about medical conditions and alternative treatments can turn visitors into dedicated customers and will even grow your email list and give you lots of cash.
  5. Limited Offer: Here you create a rush in the mind of your visitors, you let them know that there’s something they will like to have, but that it is not going to remain there for long, so this is the time to click, this one really works as fast as the word fast, so you’ll get people hurrying up to click so as not to miss the chance.
  6. Order now and receive a free gift: Gifts are always worth more than their actual price, so many people have bought one commodity or subscribed for one service because of the gift that was fixed to it, free gifts and consolation prices are good sales incentives. This must not be a physical gift, it can come in the form of a discount on next purchase or an immediate purchase, it can be a free premium membership for 1 month, and you just have to be creative with it.
  7. Request your FREE quote today: Some people live by seeing and believing, so they prefer getting a free quote in order to make a more informed decision, free quotes cost little time and no financial commitment but gives information that is enough to generate leads and sales. So whether you are a broker, real estate or home services brand, giving your visitors a free quote will turn more than 50% traffic into sales and return customers and can also grow your email list.
  8. Buy now and get free shipping: Shipping costs is one of the major challenges of purchasing goods online. Consumers will always prefer to transport themselves through the city to acquire their goods in person than to not only pay for shipping but also to stand guard waiting for it to arrive safely in one piece. The good news is that most customers won’t mind waiting for their goods to arrive so far they don’t have to bother about shipping costs. This is the reason why firms like Amazon deliver goods without adding shipping costs over a specified dollar amount.
  9. Money-Back Guarantee/ Free returns: This combo is well loved by customers and shows how reliable and how firm a company stands by its products and services, this assures the buyer that the product is good and if by error there are some discrepancies, many customers may not really want to initiate the return process and even if they do and because of the free returns and money back guarantee. They feel more satisfied when the company fulfills its promises.
  10. Call toll free: This is another sure call to action. It helps you reach more visitors and allows you to market your product from where ever you are. People will feel free and more comfortable to call you up knowing that they are not paying for the call so that they can explain to you what they want and also get all the necessary details they need. This is a magical call to action because you can lock down sure deals as fast as the call drop through this call to action.

Guide on best call to action tips

  • Always include a possessive adjective like “Mine or your” in your call to action statement
  • Use timelines to create urgency in other to encourage clicks
  • If you lack creativity, use a call to action software
  • Use words can induce curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Give useful insights I the call to action

Last Mention

Call to actions is a trial and error type of activity, you can only get better by trying different approaches until you earn what works for you, the aim is to convert visitors to loyal customers, if that’s the case, it needs seriousness and practice, failure is part of learning when it comes to call to action campaigns. So spend the time to research ideas and also be sensitive to what gets you more clicks.

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How To Start Using Sensory Marketing Strategy & Branding Guidelines

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sensory marketing sensory branding image of mind blown ideas optic marketing group FL

Sensory Marketing, What is that?

Sensory marketing and sensory branding is a form of a marketing strategy focused around appealing to each of the five senses we have to influence an emotional response. By focusing on all of our senses; smell, touch, sight, taste, and sound, not only make your brand stand out, but also guide you in creating a long-lasting impression on your audience. The goal is to seduce the audience to feel such an emotion that engages them to turn their newly found emotion or feeling into a desire to take a form of action. This approach is a multi-sensory experience utilizing what we know about neurobiology and social psychology.

According to Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense – Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound, here are the top industry leaders back in 2005:

Top Leaders of Sensory Branding

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Apple
  • Disney
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Marlboro

These are pretty established brands that are very strict and consistent in their marketing.  As a consumer, you know you are getting an experience, not just a product.

What about me?

Most small business owners not only lack the knowledge and experience, but they also require the budget and time needed to invest in mastering such a complicated and resource heavy strategy. Traditional marketing is an easier solution and has been favored because it’s easier and more comfortable to execute. Ask yourself, that last radio spot you created about a “factory blow-out deal,” did it appeal to the taste and smell senses? Sure, if I was searching for a car or a new air conditioner, and I hear there is a sale going on, I might pay attention. What makes me as a consumer remember you versus the other “factory blow-out deal” I just heard on the radio? I mean by now, as a consumer, every holiday there will be “the best deal ever” so I wait and make my purchases around a holiday. Knowing that business owners have to advertise heavy during peak times to compete against all their competitors doing the exact same strategy and media companies raise the rates knowing YOU are doing to do this again and again. Who is winning here? Now as a business owner you are struggling to get those sales in-between these cycles and be pulling out all your creative tricks to be heard out of all the other noise of the exact same offers your competitors are presenting. Are you really saving money at the end of the day?


Okay, now I am listening.

Let’s go back to my “factory blow-out deal” scenario above and talk about the smell and taste senses that are hard to accomplish for car dealerships or stand-alone products. How do I make someone “smell” that new car? How do I make them taste that smell of the new car in the back of their throat? Well, really amazing videos and graphics can do this. Think about Mercedes Benz for a moment. When you think about their cars, you can smell the leather, feel the leather, almost taste the luxury feeling. The images used may seem simple, but the lighting, backdrops, the angle all play a huge role in your psyche. The simple fact that we as consumers expect every dollar spent on this vehicle is just fine, because of the way it will make us feel about owning one. This was not done overnight, this was done by design with actual scientific data, creativity, and planning.

Where do I begin to change my marketing process?

First, you need to have a concept that you can carry out that is timeless that can be repurposed in multiple ways through multiple channels.

Second, you have to have a strategy around the timing of your messaging. You don’t want to be sitting through your sales season and find yourself looking for new concepts, this needs to be well throughout and planned in advance.

Last, you need to have all your designs, videos, content, and voice completed in advance to avoid wasting your time and resources scrambling for assets that don’t fall within your overall marketing strategy.

Where should I include this in my marketing and branding efforts?

Simple, everywhere. Yes, be aware of the sensory marketing next time you start planning. Think to yourself, what sense are we capturing here? How can we make it better? Most of society use their mobile devices these days more than their laptop or desktop. When you are on your cell phone, what are YOU doing and what social channels are YOU using? If you are using those, most likely your customers are too! What messages can you appeal through that social platform to entice a user? Think about what people search for on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google My Business, etc. What are people doing while they are on apps? What are people searching for on Google or Bing? Know what your audience is doing on each platform and customize your message for each accordingly, mastering as many senses as you can on each.

What is the easiest way to get started?

First, audit what you are currently doing and poke holes in it for improvement. See what you can reuse and make adjustments to drive better performance. Are you getting in front of your audience at the right time of day or day of the week? Get more research and compare that to the new GAP analysis you created during your audit. Test, measure, optimize, and test again. Need further help getting started? Contact us today and ask about our video services. We offer a variety of videos we can create to get your sensory message across to use on your website and social media platforms.


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Benefits of Optic Marketing Group

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  • Complete Transparency And Detailed Reporting
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Dedicated Digital Managers
  • Focus On Metrics That Matter Most: CONVERSION
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